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Marine Traffic

In some areas close to land, especially near harbors or heavily used shipping lanes, the position of ships can be tracked by a worldwide system called AIS (Automatic Identification System). This should apply to all commercial ships but may as well apply to those recreational ships which have AIS senders (and receivers) on board. Some providers, like Marine Traffic, post this information on internet.

Locate us on Marine Traffic

Satellite Tracker

Our satellite tracker plots our position on internet on a map (with a dot) twice or a few times a day, depending on our configuration. It also connects all dots of the past, so that our historical track becomes visible. Additionally, each dot shows location and time. The map can be zoomed in/out.


On the web app Noforeignland you can find DanceMe’s current position. It also shows the track since departure from Antwerp, Belgium, on May 1st, 2021.

Predictwind AIS

On Predictwind’s AIS module (app and web app), you can find DanceMe’s current position by finding DanceMe under its MMSI number 205227800.  

Ocean Cruising Club (OCC)

OCC members can find DanceMe’s position on the OCC Fleet Map.

Miles Sailed

Since DanceMe departed on August 3rd 2021, we sailed 16,145nm until end 2023. This is by year: 3,309nm (2021), 4,719nm (2022), 8,117 (2023). Hereunder you find the miles we sailed trip by trip.

I'm not an adventurer by choice but by fate...Vincent van Gogh

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I'm not an adventurer by choice but by fate... Vincent van Gogh

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